Our exceptional team of leaders guides us to meet the highest standards of sisterhood, integrity, and academic excellence. These sisters passionately and confidently serve as the pillars upon which our sorority prospers.

  • Klaire Fosnaugh

  • Amy Santos

  • Alyssa Lee

    Assistant New Member Educator
  • Claire O'Connor

    Assistant New Member Educator
  • Catherine Harris

    Co-Recruitment Chair
  • Haley Mason

    Co-Recruitment Chair
  • Katie Mullins

    Corporate Chair and Historian
  • Allison Meyer

    Director of Alumnae Relations
  • Madison Haller

    Director of Intramurals
  • Kylie Middleton

    Director of Community Service
  • Madison Draper

    Director of Philanthropy
  • Greer Smith

    Director of Ritual
  • Cayla Davidson

    Director of Sisterhood
  • Michelle Fogel

    Sisterhood Chair
  • Annaliza Canda

    Outreach Chair
  • Brooke Walsh

    House Manager
  • Avalin Senefeld

    Social Chair
  • Binuri Samarawickrama

    Social Chair
  • Jenn Gutman

    VP of Administration
  • Lina Trigg

    VP of Finance/Treasurer
  • Samantha Cutler

    VP of External Programming
  • Lucy Reising

    VP of Social Relations
  • Amy Santos

    VP of Standards
  • Anne Mosley

    VP of Member Development
  • Beth Holloway

    Faculty Advisor
  • Cayla Davidson

    Standards Board
  • Margaret Frazier

    Standards Board
  • Megan Brown

    Standards Board
  • Merrick Howarth

    Standards Board